It’s award season and one of the first things we are being informed of are the Golden Globes. The Golden Globe award is one of the most important awards leading up to the Oscars and Grammys.  It does not only honor film, but it honors TV shows and some mini series. Even more, it honors the actors/actresses in mini series and television shows.  It also categorizes films based off of comedy or drama, which is an interesting change from the normal template.

Many people were honored by the Golden Globes, but the most nominated movie was Birdman, with 7 nominations. This movie was wildly under the radar. Emma Stone was nominated for best supporting actress in a musical/comedy for her work in Birdman. This is Stone’s second nomination for a golden globe, the first being for her appearance in Easy A. Birdman stars Michael Keaton and Edward Norton who were both also nominated for their respectable roles in Birdman.

Boyhood and The Imitation Game came out with five nominations each. Boyhood, the story of a boy throughout his life time, was wildly accepted by critics. The movie was filmed over several years showing a boy’s progression over life.  The Imitation Game on the other hand speaks of a much more serious tale of a man who was criminally convicted for being a homosexual. This man was Alan Turing and was one of the founding fathers of modern day computing.  Both tales were wildly accepted by critics and featured an all star cast.

In terms of television many shows were nominated including : “Orange Is The New Black”, “How To Get Away With Murder”, “Jane The Virgin”, and “Game Of Thrones”. All of these are very respectable original shows that got a variation of nominations. Viola Davis was nominated for “How To Get Away With Murder” in the best actress in a TV Drama and “Game of Thrones” was nominated for best Drama TV Show. While Orange Is The New Black did not only have nominations for best actress  in a comedy, but also for best comedy TV Show.  “Jane The Virgin” actress, Gina Rodriguez also was nominated for best actress in a comedy TV show.