Style at Skyline: Azira Azizuddin-McCloud

Azira Azizuddin-McCloud, 12th grade.

How would you describe your style in one statement?

My style is colorfully comfortable. I like bright colors and trends, but I also like to be comfortable.


What do you consider your signature dress pieces?

My signature dress pieces are boots with trinkets, loose (often colorful) pants, and scarfs.


What does style/fashion mean to you?

The way I dress isn’t necessarily for aesthetic, fashion is an extension of my personality. All of the pieces that make up my wardrobe mean something to me. My boots have a trinket attached to them because my five year old brother made me a bracelet that didn’t fit, I wear loose pants because they’re more suited for dancing during those moments when I have random burst of inspiration. I started wearing scarves to protect my voice because I’m a singer, I then began to choose bold colors and patterns to switch up my outfits.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from my grandmother. She is a fashionista from New York City and taught me the importance of wearing bright colors. Colors liven up your day, excite the eyes around you, make otherwise boring and somber occasions a party! Also, I have a great deal of pieces from around the world that make up my wardrobe. Family and friends bring me purses, shirts, dresses, scarfs and such and I incorporate them into my daily wear.