Friday night, homecoming night, in front of an electric home crowd, the 2-3 Eagles sought redemption from three straight losses against 0-5 Huron. They got it, although not quite as they expected.

The River Rats played fairly well in the first half, but what enabled them to hang around was the combination of poor defense by Skyline, which allowed the Rats to keep drives alive, and poor offensive play calling by the Eagles, which prevented them from pulling away like they should. Down 10-7 going into halftime, they looked like the same old Eagles who had lost their game last week to 0-4 Bedford. However, a different, smarter offensive scheme in the second half enabled Skyline to score three touchdowns and put the game away 28-10.

Some things Skyline needs to do if they’ll make the playoffs:

-Darryn Davis needs to look for other receivers than Hunter Rison. He is often double and triple covered, and there need to be other options.

-Find more ways to get the ball to Charles Jones. In the first half, most of Charles’ touches were on runs up the middle. The offense needs to be more creative with their play calls on first down. Instead of ineffectively running it up the gut, the slip screens and outside runs executed in the second half are the more efficient way of getting the ball to Skyline’s dynamic running back and letting him make plays.

-The cornerbacks needs to stop playing soft coverage, especially on third and long. Giving the receivers a five yard cushion on situations of third and eight yards and longer allowed Huron to convert on plays that should have killed their drives.