One day of the year, out of the 365 days we have. With the delight and cheer of screams and scares, one lone candle will burn in the night.

For some Halloween fun, solve this riddle. Though if you know the answer to this tale, then keep it a secret and have your friends to solve it.



The man of midnight who holds his offerings

For this very night he hears of seekers

With screams of joy filled with terror

Only to hear them far off in the night

For the night he hopes

Is the night he waits

For when the hours grow high

His lights grow dark

Not a single soul

Who could even find the home

If you grow curious to what this poem is trying to say. Then here are some hints to assist in your trail

  1. This is a realistic scenario, its likely to happen.
  2. It can be called a costume, but hardly the call.
  3. This happens to someone every year of each Halloween night



Still you grow curious? Confused for the answer? Well I’m sorry to burst your bubble but, I will not tell the answer. Why not now? Why no answer? Why do you leave people with no clear answer? A simple little to this simple little poem, I wish to leave you thinking more and more to ask and grow more curious to why and how. It powers the mind and plants a smile.