The idea of family, and family values, has gone completely down the drain. Just 50 years ago, families believed in staying together for the benefit of their children and the financial stability that goes with marriage. Now, premarital sex is normal, divorce is common, and single parent households make up 1/3 of all parent households. This lack of family ideals has resulted in less opportunity for those that are born into single parent households. The lack of family ideals further threatens the middle class’ size and stability, while jeopardizing the future of the next generation.

Individual choices are a valuable asset, that when correctly made, can put families in a successful place for opportunity and growth. However, when the incorrect decision is made, this can set future generations behind. Unfortunately, children living in one parent homes have fallen victim to a decision that sets them behind. Children growing up in one parent homes complete on average 1.3 less grades of school than children in two parent homes. They are also 26% less likely to graduate college. By not graduating high school or college, children put themselves at a huge disadvantage to escape poverty.  The achievement gap remains slightly over 25% between single and two  parent households. By living with one parent, children are put into a situation where they are much less likely to receive quality education and a quality standard of living. 60% of all single mother households are impoverished. This number is too high, and the odds are just too against these children for the government not to step in.

Unfortunately a welfare system will not always help or save single parents. On average 32%  of a single mother’s income is spent on massive childcare costs.  By being unable to escape government help, an endless cycle of poverty from generation to generation occurs. As this cycle continues, the numbers of those in poverty continues to climb, while the middle class dwindles. By countering the norm of single parent households, the middle class can continue to rebuild and the next generation can be put into opportunities to succeed.