This November, president-elect Donald Trump named prominent Michigan Republican Betsy DeVos as his future secretary of education.  The move was praised by, among others, Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander and former Florida governor Jeb Bush as an appointment of a forward thinker powerful proponent of equal opportunity for all children.  However, Michigan residents, and especially students of Michigan public schools like myself, know the true consequences of DeVos’s policies make her a proponent of the absolute opposite.  DeVos was and is a heavy supporter of two measures: private school vouchers and charter schools, the commonality of both being reduced funding to public schools.  Her voucher efforts had largely failed in Michigan despite heavy lobbying because the Michigan State Constitution explicitly outlaws the assignment of public dollars to private schools, but her charter school activism in Michigan had made the state the guinea pig of widespread state-wide charter schools, and the experiment’s results were and continue to be clear failure: the new batch of charter schools in Michigan have consistently done significantly worse than public schools in the state in terms of standardized tests and other measures of student achievement, despite the public schools’ rankings worsening themselves largely due to the funding they lost in favor of charter schools.  The changes DeVos introduced to Michigan were in whole a zero sum game: increased strain on taxpayers in exchange for worse schools.  If the results of her ideas in Michigan show anything worth precedent, Betsy DeVos has the potential to embroil the whole country in the ongoing disaster Michigan public education is currently experiencing.