Brick Bash

Last weekend Skyline High School hosted the annual Brick Bash, an exposition of hundreds of different creations, each as unique as the artists that created them. The event allows local builders to congregate in a massive display of their creations. The Brick Bash showcased many different models, from intricate creature creations to a scale model of the Tower of Orthanc from Lord of the Rings. These images have been taken at the Brick Bash event, showcasing the talent that all of these builders possess.

My favorite display is the set of custom Bionicles. The detail and proportion shown in these creations is exemplary, and most of their joints match the joints of humans. Their armor is layered, to add the impression of depth and increase the amount of detail present. In addition to their detail and proportion, these Bionicles feature a massive amount of variety, from tall, lengthy elf-like figures, to a hunched over dwarf, to a K-2 unit lounging on the beach. Many unusual creations stood side by side. The one creation that caught my eye was that of a beloved Nintendo character, Wario, accompanied by his cousin Waluigi and Kirby. These characters made me stop and look, as I had never seen them created in Lego form before; it just goes to show that anything can be recreated in Lego form.