Living the life of an average teenager who has to balance homework, clubs, sports, social life, and even your own health can be tough work. No one seems to credit us for the difficulties of being young adults, and some may disagree and say that we don’t have anything to worry about. In actuality, we have plenty; we worry ourselves sick about whether or not our Powerschool grades show an up green arrow or a down orange arrow, and we always freak out before a new trimester begins because we may just happen to know about a teacher who is seemingly dreadful. The little things always get the best of us, but here are a few tips on how to surpass the stressful life of being a full-time teen!

1. Work out: one of the best ways to remove that unwanted feeling of being stressed is to move! When you work out, your body sweats off stress hormones. If you happen to like running or have a sports practice to go to daily, then this could be a super helpful stress reliever. You could also do yoga, dance, or stretch.

2. Sleep: a really huge component that plays a big part in being stressed is not getting enough sleep. Maybe you had a big test one day that you have to get a good grade on, but you end up losing sleep because of it. A lack of sleep increases stress hormones, so prioritizing sleep is a must. So, definitely take your next free moment as an opportunity for a much-needed nap!

3. More water, less caffeine: as a teen, consuming caffeine frequently becomes part of your normal routine. Drinking too much coffee can make your anxiety escalate and cause panic attacks. Drinking less caffeine and more water will boost your metabolism and lead to a healthier you!

4. Avoid difficult people: there’s always that one person in one of your classes that you just don’t mix with well, and that’s okay! Be sure to at least try to lessen the feud between you both so that your mind can be a little less stress free without that person. I’m sure you have a few people on your mind. No need for an argument, just cut them out of your life!

5. Slow down: don’t hurry your way throughout the week, and try to stay in the moment of things. Learn to take things slow; enjoy your food, friends, and the world that surrounds you! This will help eliminate a ton of stress.