The Film Club is hosting their annual Trivia Night fundraiser on Friday, March 3rd from 7 – 9 PM in the Skyline High School iCommons. Trivia Night is Film Club’s largest fundraiser of the year and helps raise money for Skyline’s Film Festival, an event that encourages creative expression in hundreds of students. The Film Festival is one of the only avenues available for students to submit independent films. As such, Trivia Night is an event vital to the Skyline environment. Trivia Night also shares profits with other student organizations. Last year, Trivia Night split its profits with Skyline’s Quiz Bowl Team. With their help, we were able to raise the funds necessary to fly to Washington, D.C. and participate in the National History Bowl. Trivia Night has had a profound impact on the Skyline community, and attending the event is an exciting and easy way to support your fellow Skyline students.

Trivia often has a negative connotation; people tend to assume that it is boring or nerdy. Mr. Samulak (Film Club’s Faculty Advisor) aims to create an exciting environment at Trivia Night to combat this misconception. He asks students to create teams and provides pizza and pop for dinner. Teams are typically composed of four to six students. Another misconception is that the questions at the event will only include history or random facts. Actually, Mr. Samulak writes questions that are specifically designed for high school students. The questions at the event encompass a wide variety of questions, ranging from sports to pop culture. The environment is boisterous; last year, a staff member actually had to come upstairs and tell students to tone down the excitement that they were expressing. The stakes are high: the event provides a grand prize of $100 in cash for the winning team.

The cost is $7 for one ticket and 2 tickets for $10. Anyone is welcome to participate and tickets are available in Mr. Samulak’s room (A411) or in the Sky Store. You can also buy tickets at the door; tickets will cost $10 for one ticket at the door. Trivia Night is sure to be an exciting event, don’t miss it!